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Male 1167 - 1216

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  • Born  24 Dec 1167  Beaumont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Christened  24 Dec 1167  [1
    Gender  Male 
    _UID  1E4781A7FEA9F14695012F558FD202B9A17E 
    Buried  Oct 1216  Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Worcester, Worcestershire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Died  19 Oct 1216  Newark-on-Trent, Newark And Sherwood District, Nottinghamshire, ENGLAND Find all individuals with events at this location  [1

      WILLIAM I, 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy (1035); King of England (1066), *c.1027/8 at Falaise Castle, + 9.9.1087 at the Priory of St. Guavas, Rouen from wounds received at the siege of Mantes, and buried at St. Stephen’s Abbey, Caen, Normandy, Md. c.1050, Matilda of Flanders * c.1032, +2.11.1083 at Caen, Normandy, d. of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders and Adela of France.
      A1. Robert 'Curthose', Duke of Normandy (1087-1106), * c.1052/4, + c.15.2.1135 at Cardiff Castle, a prisoner of his brother, Henry, Md. 1100 at Apulia, Sicily, Sybilla of Conversano, + 1103 at Rouen, Normandy probably in childbirth, dau. of Geoffrey, Count of Conversano.
      B1. William 'Clito', Count of Flanders (1127), * 1101 at Rouen, Normandy, + 27.7.1128 at the Abbey of St. Bertin, St. Omer, France of wounds received at the battle of Alost, Md.1) 1123 (annulled 1124), Sybilla of Anjou, *c.1112, + 1165, d. of Fulk V, Count of Anjou; Md.2) Jan. 1128, Joan of Montferrat, dau. Of Ranieri, Marquess of Montferrat.
      B2. Henry of Normandy, * 1102, + Killed while hunting in the New Forest (year unknown).
      B3. Illegitimate Richard of Normandy, + 1100, Killed in the New Forest.
      B4. Illegitimate William of Normandy, Lord of Tortosa, +1110, Killed at the Battle of Jerusalem.
      B5. A Daughter, Md. Helias of Saint-Saens, Count of Arques.
      A2. Richard, Duke of Bernay, * c.1054, + c.1075, gored by a stag in the New Forest.
      A3. WILLIAM II 'Rufus', King of England (1087-1100), * c.1056, + 2.8.1100, possibly murdered by an arrow in the back on the orders of his brother Henry, while hunting in the New Forest.
      A4. HENRY I 'Beauclerk' of Normandy, Lord of Domfront (1092), Count of Coutances and Bayeux (1096), King of England (1100), * Sept. 1068 at Selby, Yorkshire, + 1/2.12.1135 at St Denis le Fermont, nr. Rouen, Normandy of food poisoning, buried in Reading Abbey, Berkshire, Md.1) 11.11.1100, at Westminster Abbey, Matilda (Edith) of Scotland, * c.1080, + 1.5.1118, at the Palace of Westminster and buried in Westminster Abbey, d. of Malcolm III, King of Scotland and St. Margaret of Wessex.
      B1. William of Normandy, Duke of Normandy (1120), * c.5.8.1103, + 25.11.1120, drowned in the sinking of the White Ship off Barfleur, Md. June 1119 at Lisieux, Normandy, Matilda of Anjou, * c.1107, + 1154 at Fontevrault Abbey where she had become a nun in c.1121, dau of Fulk V, Count of Anjou.
      B2. Richard of Normandy, + 25.11.1120 drowned in the White Ship.
      B3. Euphemia, * c.Aug. 1101, + young.ABC
      B4. Adelaide (adopted name of Matilda), * 1102 at Winchester or London, + 10.9.1167 at the Abbey of Notre Dame des Pres, nr. Rouen, Normandy and finally buried in Rouen Cathedral (See Image) Md.1) 7.1.1114, Henry V, Emperor of Germany, + 1125; Md.2)c.3.4.1128 at Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, *24.8.1113, + 7.9.1151 at the Chateau du Loire, France.
      C1. HENRY II 'Curtmantle' Count of Touraine and Maine (1151), Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou (1151), D. of Aquitaine (1152), King of England (1154), * 5.3.1133 at Le Mans, Anjou, + 6.7.1189 at Chinon Castle, France and buried in Fontevrault Abbey, France (See Image) Md. 18.5.1152 at Poitiers Cathedral, Poitou, Eleanor of Aquitaine, * c.1120 at Poitiers or Bordeaux, + 1.4.1204 at Fontevrault Abbey, France and is buried there (See Image) d. of William X, Duke of Aquitaine and Aenor de Rochefourauld.
      D1. William, Count of Poitiers, * 17.8.1153, + c.Apr. 1156 at Wallingford Castle, Berkshire.
      D2. Henry (crowned king in 1170), * 28.2.1155 at Bermondsey Palace, Surrey, + 11.6.1183 at Martel in Quercy, France and buried in Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou, Md. 2.11.1160 at Rouen Cathedral, Normandy, Margaret of France, * 1158, + 1197 at Acre on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, d. of Louis VII, King of France and Constance of Castile.
      E1. William of England, * 19.6.1177 in Paris, + 22.6.1177 in Paris.
      D3. RICHARD I 'Coeur de Lion' Plantagenet, Duke of Aquitaine (1173), King of England (1189), * 8.9.1157 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, + 6.4.1199 at Chalus, France from an arrow wound received in the siege of that city and buried in Fontevrault Abbey, France, Md. 12.5.1191 at the Chapel of St. George, Limassol, Cyprus, Berengaria of Navarre, * c.1165, d. of Sancho VI, King of Navarre an Beatrice of Castile.
      D4. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Earl of Richmond, Duke of Brittany (1181), * 23.9.1158, + 19.8.1186 in Paris from a fever brought on by being trampled in a tournament, Md. July 1181, Constance of Brittany, * c.1160, + c.5.9.1201 at Nantes, Brittany and buried in Villeneuve Abbey, Nantes, Brittany, dau. of Conan IV, Duke of Brittany and Margaret of Huntingdon (grand-daughter of David I, King of Scotland).
      E1. Arthur Plantagenet, Count of Brittany, * 29.3.1187 at Nantes, Brittany, + 3.4.1203, murdered on the orders of his uncle, King John.
      E2. Eleanor Plantagenet, Countess of Richmond, * 1184, + 10.8.1241 at Bristol Castle. She spent much of her life a prisoner and was probably murdered.
      E3. Matilda Plantagenet, * 1185, + young.
      D5. JOHN 'Lackland' Plantagenet, Count of Mortain (1189), King of England (1199), * 24.12.1166 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, + 19.10.1216 at Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire and buried in Worcester Cathedral, Md.1) 29.8.1189 (annulled 1199) at Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, Isabella of Gloucester, * bef. 1176, + 1217 and buried in Canterbury Cathedral; Md2) 24.8.1200 at Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony, France, Isabella of Angouleme, * c.1187, + 31.5.1246, d of Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angouleme and Alice de Courtenay.

      BIOGRAPHY: Reigned 1199-1216. Signed the Magna Charta in 1215 at Runnymede. His reign saw the renewal of war with Philip II Agustus of France, to whom he lost several continental possessions including Normandy by 1205. He came into conflict with the Barons and was forced to sign the Maga Charta. His later repudiation of the charter led to the first Baron's War 1215-17, during which John died. Burke says b. 1160. King of Ireland 1177, Count of Mortain 1189, Earl of Gloucester. (Royal Index)

      from, 2/2009:
      John I 'Lackland', King of England1
      M, #102006, b. 24 December 1167, d. 19 October 1216
      John I 'Lackland', King of England|b. 24 Dec 1167\nd. 19 Oct 1216|p10201.htm#i102006|Henry II 'Curtmantle' d'Anjou, King of England|b. 5 Mar 1133\nd. 6 Jul 1189|p10202.htm#i102013|Eleanor, Duchesse d'Aquitaine|b. bt 1120 - 1122\nd. 1 Apr 1204|p10202.htm#i102014|Geoffrey V. Plantagenet, Comte d'Anjou et Maine|b. 24 Aug 1113\nd. 7 Sep 1151|p10205.htm#i102047|Matilda 'the Empress' of England|b. c Aug 1102\nd. 10 Sep 1167|p10204.htm#i102037|Guillaume X., Duc d'Aquitaine|b. 1099\nd. 9 Apr 1137|p10251.htm#i102510|Eleanor C. de Rochefoucauld|b. 1103\nd. a Mar 1130|p10487.htm#i104870|
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      Consanguinity Index=0.44%
      John I 'Lackland', King of England was born on 24 December 1167 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England .1 He was the son of Henry II 'Curtmantle' d'Anjou, King of England and Eleanor, Duchesse d'Aquitaine . He married, firstly, Isabella de Clare, Countess of Gloucester, daughter of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester and Hawise de Beaumont , on 29 August 1189 at Marlborough Castle, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England .1 He and Isabella de Clare, Countess of Gloucester were divorced in 1199, on the grounds of consanguinity.1 He married, firstly, Isabella d'Angoulême, daughter of Aymer Taillefer, Comte d'Angoulême and Alice de Courtenay , on 24 August 1200 at Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, Dauphine, France .2 He died on 19 October 1216 at age 48 at Newark Castle, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England .3 He was buried at Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire, England .3
      John I 'Lackland', King of England and unknown de Warenne were associated.4 He gained the title of King John I of Ireland in 1177.1 He gained the title of Count of Mortain in 1189.1 As a result of his marriage, John I 'Lackland', King of England was styled as Earl of Gloucester on 29 August 1189.1 He succeeded to the title of King John I of England on 6 April 1199.1 He was crowned King of England on 27 May 1199 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England , and styled 'Rex Anglaie, Dominus Hiberniae, Dux Normanniae, et Dux Aquitaniae.5'
      He was a skilled politician and forceful administrator, but one of England's most unpopular monarchs due to his cruelty and deceit. While Richard I was imprisoned abroad, in 1193 John vainly attempted to usurp the throne. He was banished, but soon reconciled and made his brother's heir. On Richard's death, John became king and imprisoned his young nephew Arthur of Brittany, a better claimant who soon died in prison. He married Isabella of Gloucester and then divorced her after his accession to the throne and married Isabella of Angouleme. John imposed crippling taxes and tightened the already severe forest laws, all to raise revenue for his war against the French. This war cost him Normandy and led to high inflation resulting in widespread poverty. He antagonised the Church bringing on an interdict from the Pope, and John himself was excommunicated. The whole population, high and low alike, were in a state of near rebellion. The barons drew up a document which they were intent upon John signing. This document was not a formal constitution but a practical statement that the King must respect institutional customs and law. On Monday 15 June 1215 King John reluctantly signed and sealed the document on the island of Runnymeade in the Thames. This was one of the most memorable events in English history, the document being known as the Magna Carta. Afterwards, John reverted to his bad old ways and Louis, son of the French King, was invited to replace him. Louis entered London unopposed in May 1216 and civil war began to flame. Fortunately for England, John died of dysentry on Wednesday 19 October 1216 at Newark after losing the crown jewels in the Wash. He has an extensive biographical entry in the Dictionary of National Biography.6
      Children of John I 'Lackland', King of England and Hawise de Tracy
      Oliver (?) d. 12907
      Osbert Gifford d. 12167
      Geoffrey FitzRoy d. 12057
      John FitzJohn 7
      Odo FitzRoy d. c 12427
      Ivo (?) 7
      Henry (?) 7
      Richard of Wallingford 7
      Matilda of Barking 7
      Isabella la Blanche 7
      Child of John I 'Lackland', King of England and Clementina (?)
      Joan (?) + b. b 1195, d. 12377
      Children of John I 'Lackland', King of England and Isabella d'Angoulême
      Henry III, King of England + b. 1 Oct 1207, d. 16 Nov 1272
      Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall + b. 5 Jan 1209, d. 2 Apr 12728
      Joan of England b. 22 Jul 1210, d. 4 Mar 1238
      Isabella of England + b. 1214, d. 1 Dec 1241
      Eleanor of England + b. 1215, d. 13 Apr 1275
      Child of John I 'Lackland', King of England and unknown de Warenne
      Richard Fitzroy, Baron of Chilham + b. b 1216, d. fr 1245 - 12467
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    Father  CURTMANTLE PLANTAGENET II, Henry II,   b. 5 Mar 1133, Le Mans, Sarthe, Pays-De-La-Lorie, France Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 6 Jul 1189, Chinon Near Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother  AQUITAINE, Eleanor of,   b. 1122, Poitiers Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 31 Mar 1204, Mirabell Castle, Tarn-et-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family ID  F104  Group Sheet

    Family  TAILLEFER, Isabella (de Valance) of Angoulême, Queen consort of England,   b. 26 Aug 1186, Maison Taillefer, Angouleme, Charente, France Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 31 May 1246, Fontervault, Maine-et-Loire, France Find all individuals with events at this location 
    _UID  96E1B385E0E4B944BCC84F924B9A135C298C 
     1. DE IRELAND, Roger,   b. 1180, Hutt, Lancashire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Oct 1216, Newark, Nottingham, England Find all individuals with events at this location
    Family ID  F100  Group Sheet

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